We Talk Too Much…


This week has been an interesting week for me. As I prayed in the morning this week I noticed something. During my prayer, I talk way too much. It’s funny because when I pray I always ask God to answer me, to talk to me, but I never give him the chance to actually speak. How many of us have found ourselves in the same situation? I was listening to a song written by Social Club and there’s a specific line that touched me. This verse can be found on their new song Maybe. The line says, “I’ve been talking to God, when I asked why he didn’t respond, he said you’re talking too much”. I prayed and asked God to help me understand what he meant by we talk too much. Even as I write this post, it is becoming difficult to truly understand what God wants me to understand from this phrase.

It’s simple…

Let God talk! During our prayer, we should learn when to just stop talking. In 1 Kings 19:12,

“And after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire. And after the fire the sound of a low whisper.” (ESV)

We can see here that God speaks to Elijah in a quiet whisper. Elijah was a man that conducted great miracles and had a faith like no other. However, instead of seeing God in the little things he only saw God in the big things. See when God brought him out of the mountain I believe that God wanted to teach Elijah something. He wanted Elijah to know that God is not always loud, thunderous, big, or supernatural. God, sometimes is quiet, and when he talks it can possibly be in a whisper. If Elijah would have been distracted by the winds, or the fire or the earthquake he would have missed the voice of God. However, he remained silent and heard the voice of God.

But there is one more thing…

God wanted me to learn just one more thing about this topic. Elijah was also too focused on himself. He thought that he was the only one faithful to God.  As Christians we let our conversations with God be only about us and let that distract us from hearing the voice of God. We must also do what Elijah did and come out of our cave and listen to God’s voice.

I challenge you! During prayer instead of talking and asking God let us take a moment of silence to let God speak.

Please, comment your thoughts!

God Bless!


The Unidentified Believer


7 thoughts on “We Talk Too Much…

  1. Thank you for this advice! I really appreciate you sharing this. I have never really thought about that before and I will do that from now on. If you don’t mind, could I use this as an idea for a blog? I won’t be copying you completely. I just think this should be shared through the voice of others as well. Great blog and keep up the good work!

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